Number 1 Reason Behind Self-Sabotage

When you’ve tried every diet programme out there, why is it still so hard to overcome compulsive eating, emotional eating or stop binge eating or night-time eating? You start out so well. You find yourself getting excited about setting goals to stop the cycles of...

4 Common Binge Eating Triggers

Binge Eating is a relatively common condition characterised by a strong urge to eat a large amount of food, until overly full, in a short period of time. Sufferers describe being unable to concentrate on anything other than when and where they will get their next...

Diet Mindset – Relying on Willpower Leads to Failure

As we discovered in our previous blog on 'All or Nothing Thinking', some mindsets are conducive to extreme, and at times, negative thinking. There are certain patterns of thinking which can seem like 'the right way’ however, are not effective in achieving goals. One...

Diet Mindset – All or Nothing Thinking Sabotages Success

The All or Nothing Attitude towards dieting and weight loss is probably the single most common way people sabotage their healthy eating efforts. If you are like most of us who set out to achieve a goal involving discipline and willpower, you are bound to slip up along...

Connect with Your Values and Build Yourself Up

All of us have been navigating a changing world in daily life. You might notice that you are living day-to-day rather than having short-term or long-term goals. The unknown, fear, stress and overwhelm may have you connecting with unhealthy habits and behaviours....

Stay Connected During Isolation and Social Distancing

The world is changing at the moment. For the next few months, we are changing the way we connect and interact with each other. When you become disconnected from your usual supports and community, you may start to feel elevated levels of Anxiety, Stress and Isolation....

The Habit Change – An Unexpected Journey

In life, you are bombarded daily with information. You may also have an overwhelming sense of needing to accomplish and succeed. When you are consciously awake and living life, you automatically form behavioural habits and patterns.  Some habits can seem trivial and...

Positive Language Improves Your Mindset

Self-expression is how you communicate with yourself, others, and the world. The language you use every day directly impacts your relationships with others, as well as your relationship with yourself, and how you convey yourself and your messages. By listening to the...

7 Tips to Kick Start Your Eating Habits without Dieting

The Festive Season is behind us and the New Year has begun! Instead of starting this year with a new gym membership, going on a gruelling and restrictive diet, or punishing yourself with a 12-week Challenge for the ‘damage done’ over the Festive Season, I want you to...

5 Tips to Reduce Bingeing Over Christmas

The holiday and Festive Season is almost upon us. No doubt, your social calendar will be filling up as the invites start coming in prior to Christmas, and after. Maybe you are looking forward to all  of parties and events where food and drinks are overflowing, OR you...

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