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When you feel stressed, sad, angry or tired do you reach for junk food?

Do you feel like you are constantly thinking about food?

Are you obsessively planning what you are going to eat?

Do you secretly eat and hide your binges from your partner, children, parents or friends?

Do you just want to feel normal around food?

Hi, this is Kellee Waters,

I have been there as well…I was stuck in the unhealthy, negative cycles of not only Binge Eating but also Emotional Eating, Yo-yo Dieting, Anorexia, Bulimia and Food Addiction. I intimately understand the torment that goes on in your life – inside your head, what you do. I was stuck in the cycles for 34 years.  

What I learned is that my relationship with food and my Binge Eating was a symptom of many other things including having a poor self-esteem, mindsets, brain chemistry responses and emotions.

I thought I was alone on my very shameful struggle. Now I realise that I wasn’t alone!

I am here to tell you, that you are not alone!

Approximately 4 million Australians are suffering with some form of Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating.

One of the biggest reasons you may Binge Eat, like I did, is a brain chemistry response to stress, negative mindsets and emotions. Much of the reason you feel obsessed with food and as though you are constantly thinking about it and driven to eat, is also connected to:
  • Having a poor relationship with food;
  • Having a poor relationship with yourself;
  • Negative mindsets and emotions;
  • Your behaviours;
  • An imbalance in brain chemistry, and
  • The foods that you choose to eat.
Once you start eating there are times when you just can’t stop until it is all gone or you feel so sick and stuffed full!

You start eating to change how you feel and at first you may feel better – calmer, soothed, or comforted. However, once the binge is over, you then get a mixture of feelings, which are likely to be shame, regret, guilt, overwhelm, disappointment, more stress, anxiety and even self-loathing.

You say that you will never do that again until…..the next time!

The cycle of Binge Eating, Stress Eating and Emotional Eating can be broken!

In order to break the cycle, you need to look at Binge Eating with new approaches and new understanding.

The Break Free From Binge Eating: A Powerful Action Guide is an absolutely FREE eBook, which will help you to gain greater insight into your Binge Eating cycles and behaviours, as well as insight into yourself.

I will introduce you to 5 causes of Binge Eating, that may be stopping you from breaking the cycle of Binge Eating. You will start to recognise your own negative behaviours and mindsets, and feel empowered to start changing your thoughts and emotions surrounding:
  • Body image;
  • Dieting and Restriction;
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Food Choices, and
  • Negative Feelings.

From my experience, taking action leads to results!

This is why you will find “Actionable Steps” throughout the book. These Actionable Steps are designed to help you get started on your journey towards breaking the cycles of your Binge Eating. The Steps are small and achievable to help you gain a sense of progress and accomplishment. It is time for you to start believing in yourself and your own ability to create change in your life. Change Starts Here!

Not only will you receive a free eBook, you will also gain access the Private Facebook Community to share your experiences as you work through the Actionable Steps. This will help you to feel connected with people on a similar journey as you.

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