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Core Foundation Module #1

Daily Routines

Set yourself up for sustainable change by creating your new daily routine.

Let’s get started!

Core Foundation Module #2

Focus Determines Your Reality

Start to turn around your mindset and set the foundation to create your positive focus.

Core Foundation Module #3

Life Values

Identify your core values and create your life from your authentic self.

Core Foundation Module #4


Identify your strengths and virtues and live your life through your strengths.

Core Foundation Module #5

Life Stories and Defining Moments

Accept your past without regrets.

Handle your present with confidence.

Face your future without fear.

Core Foundation Module #6

Hello to Future Selves

Say Hello to your future self, and say goodbye to your lost possible selves.

Core Foundation Module #7

Goal Setting: The Keys to Creating Success!

Creating successful goals by looking at your past sabotage and failure patterns, and find out where to start to set your goals.

Core Foundation Module #8

Goal Setting: Growing Dreams into Reality Successfully!

Craft your goals from your growth mindset, and craft the right goals for you.

Core Foundation Module #9

Goal Setting: Training for the Marathon of a Successful Life!

Continue to find out what you need to create your reality of your best possible future selves.

Core Foundation Module #10

Beliefs: Making Sense of Your World!

Beliefs are created to help you make sense of the world. Discover the beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your best possible future self.

Core Foundation Module #11

Reflection Month

Reflect over the last 10 months. Where are you now compared to where you were when you started?

Core Foundation Module #12


To be added soon 😀

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