It would be nice to be able to eat with freedom and feel at peace around food. This is the goal for many but the reality is very different.

Food rules may dictate your life and everything connected to your relationship to food and eating.

Food rules are NOT healthy, balanced guidelines and boundaries that allow for flexibility and a healthy relationship with food.

NO, quite the opposite!

Food rules create an unhealthy perspective and relationship with food and eating resulting in:

  • Rigidity;
  • Restriction;
  • Deprivation;
  • Starvation;
  • Disconnection from body and self;
  • Isolation;
  • Anxiety;
  • Fear;
  • Depression;
  • Food obsession;
  • Food confusion, and
  • Emotional turmoil.

Food Rules Look Like This . . .

Here are only some examples of food rules that you may have had in your life, still do, or know of someone who does:

  • Carbs are bad;
  • Fats are bad;
  • Counting calories;
  • Counting macros;
  • Intermittent fasting e.g. 5:2, 16:8;
  • Gluten-free – you do not have an intolerance/allergy;
  • No dairy – you do not have an intolerance/allergy;
  • Clean, Paleo, Raw or Vegan – you do this because it’s the latest thing;
  • Cheat meals/days, or
  • Foods are good, bad, naughty.

Where Do Food Rules Come From?

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Food rules are offered to you on a platter from numerous sources including the diet and weight loss industry, fitness industry, social media influencers, celebrities, family and culture.

All of these sources infiltrate your every thought and belief and you begin to see food as some form of enemy or a tool that is weaponised in a war you are waging with your body.

You have believed in the propaganda of this social war that pits you against your body, yourself and food.

Either consciously or unconsciously you are doing this to try and ‘fit in and belong’. 

The only winners in this war are the people profiting off your internal battle with your body and food.

They are in it to win off your pain by offering you solutions with unrealistic and unhealthy expectations.

Disconnecting From Food Rules – Hold Up the White Flag to Create Peace

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Unless you choose to deeply understand your food rules, you will find yourself maintaining the war between you and food forever.

Do you want to be in your 70’s and still have your life consumed by this unnecessary war? 

It won’t go away unless you make a choice to do something different!

If you really want to stop the war, that you have created and are leading, against your body and food, then you need to have the courage to let go of your food rules.

It means that you are ready to stop the war and learn to create a sense of peace and freedom.

This doesn’t mean, eat whatever you want, whenever you want!

It means that you are ready to begin to:

  • Understand the source of your food rules;
  • Unpack why you maintain them;
  • Let go of the rules and need to diet (or be on a diet);
  • Let go of fear and anxiety around food and eating;
  • Change your perspective of food, and
  • Create new, healthy thoughts and behaviours associated with food and eating.

It is a process and it takes time.

This is NOT another diet that offers up a quick fix and magic solution. 

This process is about you putting in the time and effort to create positive change in your life.

Creating a sense of peace and freedom needs you to have courage in the face of your own fears, anxieties and the pressures of your external environment.

Are ready to move towards creating peace and freedom with food?

Fill in the form below to receive your Free Yourself from Food Rules Action Steps to start discovering your food stories related to food rules.

Using the Free Yourself from Food Rules Action Steps you will be able to start to identify the source of your rules and some of the reasons why you are choosing to maintain them.

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