Design Your Life: Barrier and Blocks to Your Success

Discover the unhelpful and negative patterns that are occurring in your daily life.

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Are You Ready To Elevate Your Life?

The Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program is designed to take from where you are now to where you want to be! 

Being part of the Design Your Life:  Mastermind Group Support Program will help you to deeply understand yourself and what has been holding you back from creating and living the life you want, for yourself. Each month, you will learn the knowledge and strategies needed to take consistent, positive action toward designing and living your life, from a place of strength and authenticity.

Living your life to the fullest means that you need to be honest with yourself! That can be really difficult. It is so easy to live within your comfort zones, blame others, shun responsibility and hide behind excuses. If you really want to start living the life you want for yourself – look in the mirror and start taking responsibility for what you can control. Have the courage to stand up and take ownership for your mindsets, behaviours, beliefs and emotional coping mechanisms.

Change Starts with You!

You can improve your relationship with food!

You can improve your relationship with your body!

You can improve your mindsets (thoughts)!

You can improve your behaviours!

You can improve your relationships!

You can improve your relationship with yourself!

You can improve your life!

You will not be alone on this amazing journey….

You will be included in a positive community of people supporting each other to design and live a fulfilling and enriching life. Together you will celebrate achievements, provide a collective ‘think tank’ of resources and support to help each with obstacles and setbacks.

Everyone within the supportive community are committed to improving their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. The connections and support you will gain from the Design Your Life community will be invaluable and unlike any other due to the shared experiences and focus. The journey together, will create a unique bond from a place of genuine acceptance, strength and understanding.

During the 12-month Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program you will focus on a specific topic each month, to help you get where you want to go. Each month builds on top of the other, creating a solid foundation for change. True change takes time, consistent action and learning, and this is the model of change provided for you in the Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program.

By the end of the program you will be amazed by the life changes you have created and the life you have started to create for yourself.

Each month consists of:

  • Educational webinars;
  • Live group discussions and Q&As on the monthly topic;
  • Resources to enhance learning;
  • Positive, achievable action worksheets;
  • Private online community support;
  • Professional team support, and
  • Much more.

My professional team and I are here to guide you towards creating focused and achievable goals. We want you to be successful! We are here to support you in designing the life you want to live, filled with balance, consistency and sustainability.

Get ready to jump in and get start straight away . . .

A message from me (Kellee) to You…

I truly know that changing unhealthy patterns is hard! I struggled for 34 years with Eating Disorders, Disorder Eating and Weight Disorders. I finally found the answers when I stopped blaming the symptoms (food, my body, weight, addiction) and had the courage to face myself and the real issues. I had to deeply understand myself and my issues, and slow things down (that was hard) – to improve my relationship with myself, before I could improve my relationship with food or my body.

I am my own success story… since 2009!

Since then I have helped 100s and 100s of people just like me… just like you… finally change their lives and improve their relationships with themselves, food and their bodies. I have helped people to live the life they want, from a place of balance, sustainability and happiness. 

Let me Mentor you, and help you to improve your relationship with yourself, food and your body and ultimately design the life you want to live, with balance, meaning and purpose.

Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program provides you with a clear focus on what you need to learn; the skills you need to develop, and the action steps to take, to design and live your life with purpose and meaning. The program has been created to expedite your journey to success with clear and targeted monthly modules and action steps.

Mastermind programs are designed by a Mentor, to be a cost-effective way to provide specific, tailored knowledge and guidance, to a small group of individuals, who in turn provide positive support to each other. Here are the true benefits to you:

  • A Mentor who has successfully achieved the outcome of the program;
  • A Mentor who has the qualifications, deep understanding and knowledge to guide you to improve your life;
  • A Mentor and Professional Team who has the experience, knowledge and expertise to support you through the ups and downs of the journey;
  • A positive, supportive community of people on the same journey through a shared experience;
  • Resources to provide you with the learning and skill development required for actionable change;
  • A program designed to ‘short cut’ your journey to success and designing the life you want, and
  • Significantly more cost-effective than individual consultations.

When is the right time to make life changes?

There is no right time for change – no perfect condition.

Each day that you wait until….is another day that you have wasted. Regret is one of the deepest and most painful emotions.

Don’t regret having the courage to give yourself the gift of learning and creating a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Change starts with small, achievable and consistent actions. 

Have the courage to start to live the rest of your life with meaning and purpose TODAY by taking one small action towards change….come and join us in this amazing, life changing and wild ride….

I can promise you that it is not all serious…

It is important to find the lighter side of life and try and be as fun and playful as possible 🙂

 What Are You Waiting For?

The Design Your Life Mastermind Program combines education, learning, resources and support  for you to create true change and design the life you want!

Enroll in This Life Elevating Program Today!

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