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Your results indicate. . . 

. . . you have several Disordered Eating behaviours, habits and patterns.

To get started to change your relationship with food you need to start breaking your habits and behaviours. This is why I have created Reset Your Mindset: Build New Habits with Triggers

This mini eBook is free for you, and shares strategies for you to start using triggers to start changing the unhealthy habits that are keeping you stuck in the cycle of Disordered Eating.

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Help Is Available!

Get Support For Your Disordered Eating . . .

Overcoming Disordered Eating and improving your relationship with food is made easier when you have a safe, respectful, positive and healthy support system.

The Reset Your Mindset: Online Community provides you with a deep connection to people who share a similar experience to you with Disordered Eating and Body-Image Issues.

You no longer have to hide or ‘fake how well you are doing’ as these people really get you!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be brave and join others like you to completely Break Up with Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Stress Eating and Night-time in a supportive environment!

This is your squad to help you be successfulno more feeling ashamed, hiding, faking it, comparing, judgement or competition!

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By being brave and actively participating in the Reset Your Mindset: Online Community you will:

  • Connect and share in experiences of others with similar stories – Relieving the feelings of isolation, loneliness, stress, depression, guilt, anxiety, and more;
  • Be free to openly discuss your struggles and feelings in a non-judgmental environment (Comparison, Competition and Criticism will not be tolerated!);
  • Be open to learning from one another, and providing positive support and guidance;
  • Get practical feedback and guidance to help you reset your mindset from the Professional Team and Community, and
  • Learn practical skills to cope with challenging situations.

Gain hope and collectively feel empowered  towards resetting your relationship with food, your body and yourself!

Give yourself the gift of a supportive environment and join the Reset Your Mindset: Online Community. This community is designed to provide you with targeted guidance, knowledge and strategies for Disordered Eating.

It provides regular connection with the Mind & Body Architect Professional Team and Community though:

  • 2 x Online Meetings per month, and
  • Private Online Community Group via Facebook.

Secure your spot to join the next Reset Your Mindset: Online Community meeting.

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