How Can We Help You?

The Professional Team at Mind & Body Architect strives to empower you to create a life that you believe is worth living and that is filled with unique possibilities.

We help you to build the bridge and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

How We Can Support You . . .

We can help you BREAK negative cycles and OVERCOME underlying issues for long-term success, including:


Depression | Anxiety | Stress Managment | Body Image Issues

Weight & Obesity | Food Addiction | Binge Eating | Yo-yo Dieting

Night-Time Eating | Emotional Eating | Stress Eating

We will support and guide you to understand your unique situation, yourself and the negative issues and provide you with realistic and practical information, support and strategies for change.

This will then enable you to feel and see hope.

You will then have the confidence in creating and directing a life filled with balance, acceptance, purpose, satisfaction, health and happiness.

My Professional Team and I will support and guide you to change your mindset from unhealthy to healthy. 

Options Available To You:

Shift Your Mindset: Online Consultations

Your Mission should you choose to accept it, is to give yourself the gift of 12 weeks towards a commitment of positive change.

This opportunity can open you up to possibilities within you and your life that you never thought possible!

To help you get started on your journey towards creating positive change we put together an affordable package.

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Pathway Finder Introductory Session

You want to start making changes . . .

. . . But you don’t know where to start?

Book an one-on-one Session with Joelle – Mind & Body Advisor to have an in-depth discussion about:

  • Where you’ve been; 
  • Where you’re at, and 
  • Where you’re going. 

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