All of us have been navigating a changing world in daily life. You might notice that you are living day-to-day rather than having short-term or long-term goals. The unknown, fear, stress and overwhelm may have you connecting with unhealthy habits and behaviours.

However, you can choose to build yourself back up, and reconnect with your values and goals to move forward!

Connect with Your Values


 your values hold the key to decision making, decision making from your values

Your values provide you with a foundation and structure to guide you through life and all of its experiences.

Values ARE NOT:

  • Feelings; 
  • Expectations; 
  • Trends;
  • Thoughts;
  • Beliefs;
  • Comfort zones, or
  • About Pleasing Others.

Values are your guiding, moral compass through life!

Living life and making decisions from your values, rather than from your emotions, will allow you to feel confident and live as your true authentic self. 

Connect, or reconnect, with your values to influence decisions through your day and to guide you in moving forward.

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Build Yourself Up

 build yourself up during covid-19, build your self-confidence, build your self-esteem,

Self-care will guide you through moving forward. Simply by turning your focus towards being kind to yourself, and proactive can give you that boost you need to get moving again. 

Turn off the news, log out of social media and do things that boost your self-confidence and esteem.

Here are six (6) simple tips for caring for yourself, and building yourself up:

  1. The power of simply showering and shaving can help you to boost your mood and lose the sluggish feeling. 
  2. Take off the trackies, or PJ pants, and put on a comfy business casual outfit to help you feel put together. 
  3. Stretch your body and straighten your shoulders to stand tall and confident.
  4. Put together a healthy meal, take your time eating and really enjoy your meal. 
  5. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and to boost your mood. 
  6. Be kind to yourself and others. Everyone is going through their own emotional reaction to world events. Spread kindness like a virus. Kindness, laughter and simply smiling at someone is infectious.

What are you doing to live to your values, and to build yourself up, to move forward to where you want to be?

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