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At Mind & Body Architect we provide support in many different ways. 

Check out the Online Programs and Communities we have available for you!

Shift Your Mindset:

The Shift Your Mindset: 6-week Kick Start Towards Positive Action eSeries will provide practical tools and guidance to shift your mindset towards positive and mindful action.

You will be guided AWAY from unhealthy mindsets and behaviours, and TOWARDS self-nurturing for a happier, healthier and more relaxed life.

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Reset Your Mindset: Online Community

Improve Your Relationship with Yourself, Food and Your Body.

The Reset Your Mindset Community is an Online Community designed to provide targeted guidance, knowledge and strategies for anyone, just like you, with Disordered Eating.

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Design Your Life: Mastermind Program

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dedicate the next 12-months of your life to completely transform your mindset, and design the life you want, free from unhealthy behaviours and coping strategies.

Simply put, the Design Your Life Mastermind, is the most powerful program I have put together. I will be your mentor to help guide you in your journey through the mind-field to help you design your life. I have developed a program that guides you towards a life filled with meaning, purpose and authenticity. It will help you improve your relationship with yourself, food and your body for lasting change, health and happiness.

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