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It’s no secret…

Research shows most people who diet:

  • Want a quick fix with rapid weight loss
  • Abandon the diet within the first 6-7 days
  • Are NOT focused on a long-term, sustainable solution
  • Have tried between 55 to 130 times to diet
  • Failed 95% of the time
  • Gained more weight than they lost, over time
  • Have body dissatisfaction
  • Have unhealthy mindsets and beliefs
  • Show poorer physical and mental health compared to non-dieters
  • Have a distorted perception of food
  • 20-25x more likely to develop an Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating Behaviour

How many of these could you say, ‘YES, that’s ME!’ to?

Surely, there’s a better way?

YES… There is!

Einstein famously said,

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them

This is the truth!

Athletes, Navy Seals, SAS, Inc 500 CEOs all know that the greatest key to SUCCESS, or failure, is a person’s mindset.

In fact, mindset accounts for 80% in either direction!

If you want to have a healthier relationship with:

  • Food
  • Your body, and
  • Yourself

You first need to improve your ‘Mental Diet’!

This includes your thoughts, stories and the information you are attending to.

What you want and dream for yourself and your life begins and ends with YOU!

YOU are the heart and soul of being healthier and happier. You just need to LEARN how to create this for yourself successfully.

Finding a healthy relationship with food and your body is NOT found in another rules-based diet or exercise program. This is the only way to crush your self-esteem, confidence and hope!

The ONLY WAY to break the fear of failure or yo-yoing cycles is by doing something different.


… are you going to stop beating your head against a brick wall, wasting your precious time, energy and money repeating the same patterns (mistakes) over and over again and expecting different results?

IMPROVE your MENTAL DIET and what you want becomes POSSIBLE!

It creates confidence and helps you to make healthier food choices with less effort.

It may sound impossible, but I did it. And I’ve helped hundreds of others do it, too.

Reshape and redefine your relationship
with food and yourself!

Here’s how I can help you

learn and discover what’s truly possible for you…

Experience Programs

7 Brain Hacks to Conquer Emotional and Binge Eating

You’re stuck in endless cycles of yo-yo dieting, emotional and binge eating and feel like a failure. It’s overwhelming and exhausting.

You don’t want to give up but you feel confused about what to do and how. You may even be paralysed with fear or hopelessness, as you don’t want to fail yet again as your self-esteem couldn’t handle it!

  • Discover the common mistakes that fuel failure and yo-yoing cycles
  • Use the powerful (and easy) brain hacks to take confidence action each day
  • Set yourself up to make progress even if you’ve failed in the past
  • Kick those ‘All or Nothing’ cycles to the curb!

Feel like each day you are moving towards a healthier relationship with food and yourself so that each day you feel like you are a winner!

Starting in February 2022 so that you can ditch the holiday blues from all of that overindulgence!

Remember: Dieting is NOT the answer: it’s all about empowered choices.

Your Food Choices and Stories:
Friends or Foes?

Success Stories

Fun, Informative, Relatable, Encouraging, Supportive
By understanding food memories and emotions it helped me to unscramble my view of food and the language surrounding it.

I feel more confident in making food choices with less stress.

Kristy M

I cannot believe how confused I was about food and how clearly I see things now. Food memories allowed me to realise how I see, think and feel about food. From this point on, it is around being consistent with my choices and not getting lost with the quick fix.

There is something supportive about knowing that others have been sucked into the same fads, beliefs and lies and had the same feelings of ‘failure’. I knew early on that I wasn’t alone.

Steven H

I really enjoyed the program. It made me think about my past food memories and experiences and how it has affected me today. Hearing other peoples food memories was really interesting to see how much we had in common. My relationship to food has become a lot clearer and I feel more confident.

Anthony S

From Binge to
Balanced Eating

Are the cycles of overeating, bingeing and dieting negatively affecting your health and life?

Do you feel controlled and obsessed by food?

Do you find that you get frustrated with yourself as you know what you ‘should’ be doing but just can’t seem to do it and don’t know why?

  • Discover what triggers your emotional and binge eating behaviours and why this causes you to get stuck in the yo-yoing cycles
  • Learn how to naturally balance your brain chemistry so that you can confidently curb cravings and a binge before it gets out of control
  • Know how to find balance and let go of having to obsessively think about food (or avoid it)
  • Use the powerful and simple systems to confidently make healthier food choices in any situation
  • Never diet again – effortlessly lose weight and maintain it!


having a positive relationship with food and looking forward to nourishing your mind and body and each day hearing yourself say, ‘This feels so good and I can do this!’

N.B. This program is only run 2 times per year. If you want to be a part of this amazing experience to change your life, put your name on the waiting list.

N.B. To get started right away I recommend that you begin with

Success Stories

I was nervous to plan as I have done this so many times and failed. Doing some of the planning together in the Group Coaching session has helped break down the fear of failing or not starting. These are not rules, but guides…

I am hopeful and feel empowered to take the next step rather than just think about the ‘perfect’ way forward and then do nothing.

Yvonne A

I am truly amazed by how much I learned in just 10 weeks.

I learned how food, mindset and brain chemistry affect my mood, bloating, and stress. There were so many aha and self-discovery moments! I CAN KEEP IT SIMPLE – This is manageable by creating balance and systems. I feel better within myself and less stressed.

Kristy M

I don’t lack willpower! There’s a whole lot of things going on in my brain chemistry that overtakes the choices that I’ve been making. I live a very stressful life and need to make changes. I need to be more mindful of what foods and emotions lead to a binge. I am learning how to stop emotionally eating but even if I do give in, the quantity and frequency have improved.


P.S. By getting started TODAY, in the 7 Brain Hacks to Conquer Emotional and Binge Eating, you’ll discover the common mistakes that keep you stuck in endless cycles of yo-yo dieting, emotional and binge eating and feeling like a failure.

You will be able to use the powerful and easy brain hacks to gain clarity so that you can overcome fear and overwhelm to set yourself up to take action, and make progress, towards kicking the ‘All or Nothing’ cycles to the curb!

VIP Coaching Experiences

A concierge 1-on-1 coaching program designed to fast-track your progress!

For those who are ready to fully invest in themselves. This commitment is designed to transform every part of your life moving you from a life of comfort, fear and conformity to a life that is more than you dreamed possible.

This is a journey of exploration and discovery where you will not only find a new, positive relationship with food and your body but ultimately, yourself!

This program is by application only.

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