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Binge Eaters, Emotional Overeaters,
Night-time Eaters, Food Addicts & Yo-yo Dieters

Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off?

It’s time to reveal the powerful truth behind weight gain.


Decode your weight gain with a deep dive into your unique situation


Unveil the root causes to unlock your sustainable weight loss path


Gain clarity and insight to empower yourself towards sustainable health and energy

P.S. Forget about dieting. It only causes MORE stress and ultimately MORE weight gain.

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Find Out What’s Keeping You Stuck in
Yo-yoing Cycles of Weight Loss

It’s NOT your fault!

Your brain chemistry is responsible for what you eat and why.
Balance YOUR brain chemistry naturally to reduce cravings, make healthier food choices with ease, reduce stress, think more clearly, feel more confident and happier.

Let your weight begin to fall off effortlessly

Kellee Waters – Story of Battling Food and Weight for 34 Years

It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I ‘m Kellee Waters

For 34 years I bought into everyone else’s beliefs, lies and fears of weight, food and success.

This led to multiple food and weight disorders including bingeing, food addiction and obesity, until I had the courage to question everything I knew and was doing.

I had to stop being the victim of abusing food, my body and myself to begin to bravely accept what was and begin to carve a new, healthy life direction.

I am now in the 1% of people who have sustained their weight and results for over 10 years.

I can share my secrets with you and help you create similar results, if you are committed.

Let’s Get You Started on Creating a Healthier Relationship with Food…

Here are 3 Ways YOU Can Learn & WE Can Work Together

Experience Programs

Get ready to experience a level of understanding and support like no other. You will feel empowered, hopeful and have clarity, where once there was confusion. It’s time to get curious and enjoy the adventure of the challenge, with a community who say, ‘YES, I get you! You are not alone!’ This will have you saying, ‘YES’ to yourself.

VIP Coaching Experience

A coaching program designed to fast-track your progress! Only for those who are ready to fully invest in themselves. This is a 6 to 12-month commitment designed to transform every part of your life moving you from a life of comfort, fear and conformity to a life that is more than you dreamed possible.

Tips & Inspiration

Get tips, valuable insights and motivation to make your journey easier and quicker, by upgrading your mindset. Once we connect, you will become a valuable member of my community. I want you to reach out and share what you want and need, with me. I love to hear from you as you inspire me to do what I do!


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