Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dedicate the next 12-months of your life to completely transform your mindset, and design the life you want, free from unhealthy behaviours and coping strategies.

Hi, I’m Kellee Waters,

The biggest challenge I see from people is that they cannot break the cycle of wanting to ‘feel normal’! If you have found yourself here, then you may identify with this.

Your current thoughts, behaviours and habits have a hold on you.

You live a busy lifestyle and as you go about your day, you always put yourself last!

I’m here to tell you – It is time to turn your life around!

Being part of the Design Your Life:  Mastermind Group Support Program will help you to deeply understand yourself and what has been holding you back from creating and living the life you want, for yourself. You will be empowered to break the cycles of sabotaging behaviours and patterns.

This means you will:

  • Lose or maintain a healthy weight;
  • Let go of your inner saboteur;
  • Feel successful in your actions;
  • Accept yourself for who you are;
  • Love yourself and your body unconditionally;
  • Learn to respect yourself and take care of yourself;
  • Set healthy boundaries within your values;
  • Understand what it is that you really want for yourself and your life, and
  • Become positive and energised to live the life you want to live.

This program is for you if you are truly ready to make the ultimate commitment to yourself!

The Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program guides you towards freeing your mind from all of your old negative coping strategies and behaviours such as:

  • Poor Body-Image;
  • Negative self-talk;
  • Disordered Eating Behaviours;
  • Negative outlook on life;
  • Not knowing who you are, and
  • Having no direction.

I know how it feels… truly!

I have lived through the experiences of Bulimia, Anorexia, Food Addiction, Yo-yo Dieting, Binge Eating and finally Obesity. The moment that I put together my entire food and weight timeline (Obesity, Food Addiction, Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Yo-yo Dieting, Night-time Eating) with all of the aspects of addiction, was the moment my true recovery began.

I realised that it wasn’t just one factor that contributed and maintained my food and weight issues; each individual piece made up the complete puzzle of:

  • Brain function,
  • Brain chemistry,
  • Hormones,
  • Genetics,
  • Life experiences (grief and loss, trauma, stress, positives),
  • Personality,
  • Psychological processes e.g. emotional intelligence (processing, resilience, coping strategies), beliefs, thought process and more,
  • Relationships, and
  • Food.

This is why I developed a program that integrated all of the factors, all of the pieces of my puzzle, and I naturally started breaking my addiction and losing weight without effort.

Within 6 months, I had lost 20kg and most of my Disordered Eating Behaviours and Food Addiction. It was the easiest thing I had ever done! I completely changed the philosophies by which I lived my life!

This was the most empowering gift I gave myself throughout the journey!

For the first time in my life, I had a positive relationship with food, my weight, my body, and myself. This enabled me to make positive, informed choices for health and living life. I developed a true connection and relationship with myself that included:

  • Acceptance,
  • Boundaries,
  • Understanding,
  • Kindness,
  • Acknowledgement
  • Celebration, and
  • Nurturing.

Discover The Exact Methods I Used to Completely Design My Life…

Simply put, the Design Your Life Mastermind, is the most powerful program I have put together. I will be your mentor to help guide you in your journey through the mind-field to help you design your life. I have developed a program that guides you towards a life filled with meaning, purpose and authenticity. It will help you improve your relationship with yourself, food and your body for lasting change, health and happiness.

If you want to expedite your progress, you need to choose to be guided by someone who has walked on a similar path, who can prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again. You need to begin to walk on their path of success, and they are willing to show you how – step by step.

The techniques you are going to learn through your 12-month change journey will support you through any setbacks or obstacles you may experience in your future life. Instead of waiting months to get back on track, you will KNOW how to refocus and get back on track straight away.

You will have goals you will work towards to build the life you dream of, and as you gain momentum on your 12-month journey towards designing your life, you will start to find your old life unrecognisable.

All of the old negative beliefs you had about yourself are gone, and when they pop up again, you can tell them to go away – because you have done the work!

Gone will be the days that you eat your feelings and emotions to silence your thoughts. You will live your life from your strengths and values, and your life will shine as a positive influence in the world.

You will know WHO you really are at your core, and what your future looks like!

You will be content living YOUR OWN life.

And You Won’t Be Doing This Alone!

. . .  You are going to have the support of others just like you!

Research has found that friends and family are the most sabotaging influencers in a person’s life, when they are trying to make changes, particularly to health. People who do not feel supported tend to lose motivation, commitment and enthusiasm towards their goals sooner, and give up on themselves, as well as their needs and dreams for their lives.

This program offers you the opportunity to be surrounded by people with a common goal, mindset and interest at heart! You will be a part of this supportive and resourceful network, filled with those committed to designing a life they want to live by improving their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.

In the Design Your Life Mastermind Program you gain free LIFETIME access to the exclusive Design Your Life Community. You will be surrounded and connected with people who support and uplift each other when things are going well, and encourage each other when things are not so good.

This support network is a safe place where you can be open and honest about your issues and never feel judged.

You are able to freely design a better version of yourself to enable you to live a life full of possibilities, happiness, and balance, and finally find a healthy relationship with food, your body and yourself.

There is no place or space in this program for frenemies, fake cheerleaders, comparison, and competition!

Included in the Design Your Life Mastermind. . .

During the 12-month Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program you will focus on a specific topic each month, to help you get where you want to go. Each month builds on top of the other, creating a solid foundation for change. True change takes time, consistent action and learning, and this is the model of change provided for you in the Design Your Life: Mastermind Group Support Program.

Each month consists of:

  • Educational webinars;
  • Live group discussions and Q&As on the monthly topic;
  • Resources to enhance learning;
  • Positive, achievable action worksheets;
  • Private online community support;
  • Professional team support, and
  • Much more.

Get ready to jump in and get started straight away….

Hear about Elyse’s experience with the Design Your Life: Mastermind Program!

Payment Options Include:


12-months is a big commitment… I get it!

Think about the progress you have made over the last twelve months:

Are you where you want to be?

Do you even know what is holding you back?

The Design Your Life Mastermind is for you if you are ready and willing to dig deep and destroy the blocks that have been holding you back.

We will smash them together!

What participants have had to say:

I came to the realisation that I had tried lots of different things to lose weight and be healthier over the years and none of them worked. I knew that it wasn’t just about exercise and eating well but there was something deeper that needed to be addressed. I was also interested in joining a group of people on a similar journey to me.

I have learned a lot about myself and learned to recognise obstacles and things that were sabotaging me from the life I wanted to live. I am learning to have realistic expectations of myself and set real and meaningful goals for myself. The Design Your Life: Mastermind Program has taught me the steps to building my best possible life. Most importantly for me, I have learned to have a positive relationship with my body, one based on kindness and compassion, and that for me has been the biggest, most wonderful outcome.

I feel like I know myself better and able to say I am good at things and believe it. Since starting this program I wasn’t sure what to do with the modules but it’s like building block. It all makes sense in the end. 

It’s good to know that no matter when or where or what situation you can get online and get support from people who get it. It was nice not being alone in this journey.

Like many things in life, you only get out what you put into something. If you are willing to commit and do the work and rewards are really worth it.


This group has been an amazing extension on my one-on-one consultations. 

I had already done bits of the program with my consultant and hypnotherapist, however I’ve found this group has given me something different; it’s teaching me more about myself and we get to delve a bit deeper than I would in a one hour appointment. 

There is so much I have discovered about myself. Which I didn’t expect to get out of the group. 

All the different things we have done has boosted my confidence, and I have changed the way that I deal with people – setting boundaries etc. 

I feel so much stronger as a person. I don’t feel like much will be able to knock me down anymore!

I go to the gym regularly and have reconnected with my gym community for the right reasons. 

Throughout the process I have reconnected with my husband and have rebuilt our connection with him. My relationship with my children has vastly improved. I also started a new job and have realised that I have strengths and abilities to do my work. I now have the confidence and truly believe I am good at what I do. 

At the beginning you don’t really know what to expect but I’ve come to realise that each month builds on each other. The whole process comes together in the end. 

I found it has been a very positive experience.


The Design Your Life Mastermind Group Support Program is NOT for you:

If you won’t invest the time to do the work.

If you do not want to change.

If you are not doing this for you.

There is no place or space in this program to not join in and participate.

Not Sure If This Is For You? Contact Us Today!

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